You are going to be afraid of sudden earthquakes, floods, or fires if you own a home. However, termites are an awful thing that may quietly and slowly ruin the perfect house from the inside. Despite their small size and harmless nature, termites may do significant damage to a building when they form colonies. 

Most pests carry infections in their peripheral blood, which contaminates food or spreads diseases. However, termites do not spread disease or taint food. They hollow your house out from within, causing devastating damage to your property. In this article, we will go through termite prevention techniques to prevent them during building construction. For more information on how to control termites after constructing buildings, contact a pest control company in Bend, Oregon. Remember, professional interference can always get permanent and quick solutions to your pest issues. 

Common Termite Treatment Procedures to Take After Building Construction

We need to understand how these tiny organisms damage buildings. Because concrete has very little nutritional value and their digestive systems are not developed sufficiently to break it down, termites avoid eating it. They dug through the walls to get to their favorite food, wood. In their attempt to get to the inner stud walls of the home, the furring strips beneath the wallboard, and the wooden structure of the baseboards, the termites destroy everything in their path. They get in through building foundation cracks, crevices, and weaknesses. Because termites have powerful jaws, they can bite through both wooden and concrete parts of your house, leaving it empty within.

Ensure that pest control treatment is done by a professional pest control company as soon as the construction is over. By applying their pest-killing solutions around each and every corner of the building while not leaving any space undone, the building can be pest-free before using the space.

Termites-related pre-construction damage

Since termites endanger both your life and your property, they are regarded as pests. By inflicting them, they threaten the building’s structural stability. Termites live in colonies and can destroy a building’s foundation, pillars, beams, and entire structural support system, making it unsafe to live in. Therefore, you must take measures ahead of time if you want to protect your home from a severe termite infestation. Pre-construction termite prevention is the best defense against termites.

Pre-construction termite control procedures

Preventing a problem from occurring is the most effective way of solving it. For that reason, pre-construction control measures are put into effect while building in order to make the structure uninhabitable. Pre-construction anti-termite treatment involves many different steps. Imidacloprid and chloro-pyriphos are the two main substances used in the procedure.

Since the pre-construction anti-termite treatment is used before the start of construction, it has no adverse consequences. A building that has gone through pre-construction pest control treatments is safe for kids and dogs to live in. Termites cannot be treated with herbal or organic remedies due to the enormous harm they do to the building’s exterior. 

Therefore, opting for a stronger solution, which pest control professionals use, is your best bet to use.