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Practical Tips for Furniture Maintenance

1. Wooden furniture

The furniture made of natural wood has a biggest advantage. That is the natural wood grain and the varied natural colors. Since natural wood is an organism that constantly breathes, it must be placed in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity. At the same time, beverages, chemicals or overheated objects can’t be placed on the surface. So it won’t damage the natural color of the wood surface.

While for the furniture made of laminate hard plastic sheet with plenty of dirt, you can wipe the furniture with a diluted neutral detergent and warm water first. Then wipe with clean water. Remember to wipe off the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth. And use the maintenance wax to polish it after it is completely clean.

2. Fabric furniture

The fabrics are most commonly used in chairs and sofas. Their comfortable touch and rich colors make the expressions of traditional furniture more diverse. Common maintenance methods: when it is stained with dry dirt like dust, sand, etc., just lightly pat it off or vacuum it up. As for the granulated sand, you can use a brush to gently brush inward. But do not use hard brushes, so that it can avoid damage to the cloth surface. If it is stained with beverages, first use a paper towel to absorb the water. Then wipe with the neutral detergent dissolved by the warm water. Next, dry with a clean soft cloth and finally dry at low temperature.

4. Metal furniture

Solid and durable metal furniture is the most common in the office. Especially the ideal cabinet and other products, it is an indispensable storage tool in the office. For the metal furniture for office, we wipe it with a soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth to wipe. Because these are the main reasons for blemishes and rust.

3. Leather furniture

Leather has the characteristics like good heat resistance, humidity resistance and ventilation. And the natural woven fabric of the leather is relatively non-directional. It shows even stretchability regardless of it is laid flat or hung. In addition, the dyeing of the leather is not easy to fade, Because of those characteristics and its an elegant color, excellent touch and beautiful appearance, it is always popular among consumers. How to maintain the attractive appearance of leather products? Daily cleaning is the key. For the general maintenance, we only needs to wipe with a clean and soft cloth gently. If to clean up the dirt caused by long-term use, the most ideal way is:

First, wipe with the neutral detergent (1%-3%) diluted with warm water first. Then wipe off the cleaning solution with a wrung clean cloth and finally polish it with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, wipe with an appropriate amount of leather care agent evenly on the furniture.

5. Stone furniture
  • Avoid contact with acid and alkali chemicals. Because most of chemical substance in stone is calcium carbonate. And if the calcium carbonate comes into contact with some acid-base reagents, a chemical reaction will occur. At the same time it will have a bad influence on the appearance of the stone.
  • When movingthe furniture, pay attention to the shape of the stone. Don’t hit the stone with sharp hard objects. Otherwise, this will cause scratches on the protective layer of the stone.
  • Cleaning: using wax appropriately will block the fine pores on the stone furniture. So the dust in the fine pores of the furniture will be blocked and cannot be distributed. What’s worse, some will make the surface of the furniture turn yellow. And this will further affect the appearance of In addition, the place with the stone furniture must be ventilated to ensure that the surface of the stone furniture is in a dry state.
6.  Plastic furniture
  • Plastic furniture is susceptible to aging and cracking, so it would be best to place it indoors.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and close to stoves and other heat sources.
  • If there is a crack, it can be bonded with an electric soldering iron, or glued.
  • It has poor hardness, so avoid collision and scratches from hard objects.
  • Besides, it’s easy to clean and can be cleaned directly with ordinary detergents.Don’t use metal brushes.
  • FRP furniture can be placed indoor and outdoor. It is sturdy, durable and has a long life. But it is not easy to repair after damage. It can only be repaired with screws and gaskets. And avoid excessive load and accidental damage.
  • When using the plastic veneer furniture,you can apply 1 to 2 layers of varnish on the reverse side of the veneer to prevent moisture. If the veneer is separated from the substrate, clean the joint with banana water or xylene first. And then paste it with universal glue. It is not recommended to paste with white latex.
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